As many of you know, we held our first adoption fundraiser this week. On July 4th, we had a pig pickin' at our house, with carnival-type games for kids and a silent auction for the adults. We were expecting around 200 people to come out from 12pm-6pm. In spite of some pretty brutal heat (I've heard that the high that day was 99!) and the fact that we didn't have electricity for the first 3 hours of the party, our guests were absolutely amazing! People pitched in and helped get things done when we were behind schedule due to the power outage, everyone was cheerful and excited to be here during the meltingly hot afternoon, and when a severe thunderstorm was heading our way that evening, tents and tables were taken down and put away within minutes. We are so humbled by and grateful for the community that we're so privileged to be part of. Thank you all so very much for your help!

But, of course, this wasn't just any old party, and the real reason everyone was gathered was to help us raise money to bring our kids home from Uganda. While everyone's cheerful service was more than enough to remind us of how blessed we are, that wasn't the end of Monday's story. No, these same kind, generous people also generously opened their wallets for us, and we were able to raise over $4100! We are just blown away by people's kindness, and we are reminded anew of God's promise to provide all of our needs. The money we raised Monday will likely be exactly enough to pay for our plane tickets when we travel. Thank you all, yet again, so very much!

If you weren't able to make it out for our fundraiser, but you'd still like to contribute to the cause, your chances are certainly not over :) We're planning to have a yard sale in August, so if you have anything we can take off your hands, we'll be glad to do so. Also, we have some gorgeous jewelry for sale that was handmade by Ugandan women. Our initial purchase of it helps to support families in Uganda, and your purchase helps to bring our kids home from Uganda - it's a win-win! You can see the jewelry here, or if you're local, you're welcome to come by sometime and take a look.

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  1. Awesome, Dawn. How can we send you some support?