Yesterday afternoon I watched as my fingerprints appeared on a computer screen, while the tech chatted with me about our adoption plans. Getting these prints taken and sent off to US Immigration was the last thing to check off our list of things to do stateside. We have to wait for them to process our prints and then send us our approval to adopt 2 children. Once that piece of paper is in hand, we'll be shipping a ream of other papers off to Ug@nda! As good as it feels to have all of these things checked off our list, this is the last part of the process over which we have any semblance of control. After our dossier leaves our hands, we wait for our case to be filed in court. Once we're filed, we wait for our judge to assign us a court date. Basically, the whole process is a lot of 'hurry up and wait!' It's also a lot of opportunities to trust God - to trust in His faithfulness and kindness to us and to our children. Please feel free to remind me of that!

In the meantime, we're enjoying seeing new pictures of our kids (which we won't be posting until after we are granted guardianship of them) and living vicariously through other adoptive parents traveling to the home where our babies are. It truly is a wonderful gift to be able to connect with them, and we are very grateful for things like Facebook these days!